Friday, November 4, 2016

Warning to Art Collectors -- Look for A Clear Ellen Perantoni Signature and Title:

Hello friends, blog readers and art collectors.  I've been posting my oil paintings and related art info on this blog since 2007 and have met many good people and sold many paintings.
But it's come to my attention that - regrettably -- there are paintings out there being sold online
 as  signed Ellen Perantoni paintings which are not.
      Apparently I am sufficiently famous for my work to be ripped off!   Because that's what is happening.   Some fine and reputable dealers sell my art, with my blessing --  but it pains me to find that not all are fine and reputable.
      One indication you are not getting what you're paying for is the lack of a legible signature on both front and back, and a title on the back.  So far I have not seen my signatures being faked (though they could be, I suppose).   The quality of the art is also much poorer.
     If you have purchased art represented as having been done by Ellen Perantoni  (or if you're thinking about it)  make sure the piece is clearly signed and titled.    I also include a Certificate of Authenticity, signed by me in print and script, if it is an online purchase.
       I'll also include a Certificate of Authenticity with a purchase through an art gallery I have authorized to represent me, on request, or with a direct purchase.   If you want to contact me to ask about a piece please e-mail me at
     The unsigned pieces are being offered on ebay, and at least one private website that I know of.
      I sell some of my own art on ebay under ID mstcwrld7.  And through art galleries I have authorized to represent me. 
      If you view one of my own painting listings under ebay ID mstcwrld7,  you can read my full warning.
And remember, you can always ask me about any painting you have ever bought as an Ellen Perantoni.  Anywhere. 
   That is a promise.
       Don't be fooled!