Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Seasons Change

Hello all!  This is Ellen Perantoni again,  painter of the landscape in a manner inspired by the Hudson River School masters from Albert Bierstadt to Frederick Church.  The above oil is a magnum opus of mine, at 24x48" and it kept me happily busy for weeks.  In addition to landscape and skies in their serene moments,  I am fascinated by weather.   And I love to capture moments of transition, which can be tantalizingly brief in spite of their grand scale.  You can see more of my art on  and e-mail me at

This work "Seasons Change" is executed on a 24x48" stretched canvas 1-1/2" deep with the painting continued on the sides of the canvas.   This gives it an especially 3-dimensional look.  It can be framed, or not.

It is currently drying in my studio and is almost ready for varnishing and for a new home.  It is priced $8000. and will dramatically transform a room,  a focus for all eyes.   Viewing this work, you cna actually feel the cold breeze from the distant snowy peaks rushing down into the foreground,
where fall still holds sway.

But you know the days and hours of the golden foliage which is recently reflected in the water are numbered and are very short.

Please know if you are interested and would like to receive close-up photo images.  They will show the detail which I labored over minutely for weeks.   Digital dot matrix photos do not fully capture the depth of my work which is executed in a series of many glazes, but those images will suggest it.

I accept PayPal and personal money orders and checks drawn on USA based financial institutions.  Painting will be very carefully boxed and shipped when the payment instrument clears.

 I am so happy to have completed this work to my painstaking requirements.   And I will be happy to answer inquiries.  You can read more of these blog posts  , most of which are about a single art image, by clicking on "Older Posts" at this bottom of this web page.  These posts go back to 2007 and many of the paintings are sold, but there are interesting stories. 

Have a great week!   

Thursday, May 26, 2016

Grizzly Cubs in Autumn

Hello friends, art lovers and blog readers!   This ia Ellen Perantoni again, painter of the landscape in oil, posting a recent painting of an expansive scene in the Grand Tetons.  In the foreground it is fall with cottonwood leaves turned gold and the high grasses by the Snake River turning tawny.  Two grizzly cubs explore the flats, looking small against the  huge scale of the scene.   My main artistic influence is the Hudson River School, in this scene the air is so crisp and sharp that the distant peaks seem close.  But they are actually a world away in weather;  at their great height they are in the midst of winter.

My paintngs on this blog cover the United States east and west and back..  I hope you will enjoy the blog (and keep in mind the paintings all look a lot better than these digital photos).  My e-mail address is  and you can see more of my work at a glance on

This painting is 36x36", executed on deep canvas 1-1/2" deep with the painting extended onto the sides. for a finished appearance.   I can frame it, or not, as the buyer chooses. This painting is $5200.   You can purchase it with PayPal or funds drawn on a USA based bank.  I will consider a payment plan or fair offer from a serious collector.

If you purchase this work form an internet digital photo and are not delighted you can return it for a refund within 30 days.  Most people think my paintings look much better in actuality, as they have a depth that digital photos cannot convey.  

Right now this painting is in my gallery in Sedona AZ, Back O' Beyond Gallery/Studio.  I  show this and other works from 12-5 Tuesday through Saturday, or by appointment.  The gallery address is 141 Back O' Beyond Circle, Sedona AZ 86336.

You  can also read more about me and Back O' Beyond Gallery/Studio on facebook, where I have a gallery page entitled with the name of the gallery.   Please call 928-554-4778 with any questions.

Have a great week!  I would love to hear from you.
 Best, Ellen

Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Fall Color in the Grand Canyon, with PayPal Link : ( and re Open Studio April 29-May 1)

Hello all!  This is Ellen Perantoni again, posting another large 36" x36" oil landscape painting of a slope within the Grand Canyon which supports vegetation that turns a beautiful scarlet in the fall.  Behind this colorful slope in the foreground you can see receding slopes and peaks that are very far away but still within the Canyon's mile-deep opening in the earth.   I just finished this painting and it is drying in my studio.  I'll exhibit it here in my studio at the Sedona April 29-May 1 Open Studio weekend, unless someone like you purchases it first.

I have sold a great deal of my art here on the Internet, and have many references from satisfied collectors across a wide area.   I'm experienced with packing and shipping.   If a buyer is less than delighted with a painting it can be returned for refund within 14 days for any reason.

This work is executed on 1-1/2" thick wrapped canvas, with the painting continued onto the sides.  So it does not need to be framed (though it can be framed if you want, by me or your local framer.)
It is $5200. including shipping to anywhere in the USA.

If you are interested please ask any questions you may have, including requests for close-up photos.  I accept PayPal  and payment instruments , checks and money orders, drawn on USA based banks.  With PayPal you get PP's full Buyer Protection.  
If you wish to purchase this work with PayPal, click on this link to go to PayPal checkout:

If you would like to see the painting before purchase,  I would be happy to show it by appointment even if you cannot come to the studio on Open Studios weekend. 

My Gallery/Studio is called Back O' Beyond Studio and I am usually working here in the afternoons,  but it is advisable to call first at 928-554-4778.   For those who have not been to Sedona AZ -- it is a fabulous scenic place to visit with its unique red rocks,  and has often been compared to the Grand Canyon itself, but with residences among the rock formations.  I have many paintings of Sedona on this blog site.

My e-mail address is  and I would love to hear from you.  If you wish to purchase a painting by sending a check or money order as above,  please let me know and I will send you the payment address.

Have a great week!  I would love to hear from you,

Sunday, January 17, 2016

Discovering Wotan's Throne, and My Exhibit at City Hall, Sedona AZ

Hello art lovers, friends, collectors all!   This is Ellen Perantoni, painter of the landscape in oil, and I apologize for not having posted lately.  I have begun a series of large paintings of the Grand Canyon,  one of the crown jewels of my current home, Arizona.  This oil on canvas shows the formation known as Wotan's Throne within the 200 mile long canyon.   You can see more of my art on and  my e-mail address is

The City of Sedona asked to exhibit some of my art at Sedona City Hall, and this recently finished painting is among those along with 26 of my other paintings.  Sedona Arts & Culture Co-ordinator Nancy Lattanzi is very happy to show and sell  these works by appointment, or possibly by chance depending on when you stop in.  Her phone number is 928-203-5078 and City Hall is open from 8-4 on weekdays excluding holidays.  

This work is on a 36c36" stretched canvas, 1-1/2" deep with the painting continued onto the sides of the canvas.   I am very pleased with the way this striking composition lent itself to an elegant geometry, dramatic composition and fine detail.  It is priced at $6000.

The City Hall exhibit will continue through late April and there will be a reception at City Hall on a date that is not yet determined. I will post the date when it is set.

I hope those of you who are in the region will stop by City Hall to view the paintings.  Thanks again, Nancy!  And please contact me if you have any questions about the exhibit, or wish to view the paintings in my own gallery, Back O' Beyond Gallery/Studio.

I am now working on two more paintings of the Grand Canyon; each is also 36x36".  Have a great week, and I would love to hear from you.

Best, Ellen

Monday, November 30, 2015

Changeable Sky Over the Grand Canyon

Hello friends, fellow art lovers, collectors all!  This is Ellen Perantoni again,  painter of the landscape in oil, with a painting of the Grand Canyon that features the summit of the Temple of Vishnu.from an unusual angle.  I like the interest and drama cloud formations add to a scene so I painted clouds in this view.   I have posted another Grand Canyon view on this blog and am working on more Grand Cayon paintings.

This work on stretched canvas is currently in my studio. As framed it measures  about 24x28" on the wall and is priced at $1695. including free shipping within the USA.  The stretched canvas is 16x20" and the wide frame is wood finished tarnished gold.   The frame is gold and not yellow-gold as it appears in the  above photo.  I accept PayPal, checks and money orders drawn on USA banks.

This work will be at my Open Gallery and Studio this Saturday and Sunday, December 5 and 6 from 11-5 each day.  You can view it there.

I have many references from collectors who have purchased my art online an had it shipped.
If you purchase a work from an online digital photo you  an return it within 30 days if you are less than delighted.  Most people think my art looks better in actuality; digital photos do not do jsutice to the depth and detail.. 

If you want to purchase this work and wish to pay by PayPal, here is a link to PayPal Checkout:

Please let me know if you have questions about this work, want to see more photos, or have questions about anything else on this blog.   Blog posts go back to 2007.

Have a great week! And I hope to see some of you at my Open Gallery/Studio next weekend.
(See the next blog post)...


Saturday, November 28, 2015

Gallery/Studio Open House Dec. 5 and 6 in Sedona:

Hello friends, collectors, and lovers of fine art!  This is Ellen Perantoni again, posting about an open gallery/studio at my Sedona studio December 5 and 6 from 11 to 5 each day.  In addition to oil paintings and prints, I will display a storyboard of photos of the process of creating an oil landscape painting. 
There will also be a free drawing for a framed Limited Edition print of my "Cathedral Rock from the Home Place".  Everyone who attends this event gets a free ticket for the drawing. 

There will be paintings and prints in all price ranges from $25. up to $350. for large panoramas.  I also look forward to the opportunity to meet more of the community,  having lived and painted in Sedona less than two years. 

The event will take place at Back O' Beyond Studio, 141 Back O' Beyond Circle, Sedona.  My e-mail is  but no RSVP is necessary.  My telephone is 928-554-4778 and you can see more of my art by reading the posts on this blog going back to 2007.  Or viewing

It would be great to see you there!  I have never met a great many of my blog readers. 
     Best, Ellen

Monday, September 28, 2015

Vignettes in Oil, of River and Mountains - They Are Going Fast!

Hello friends, collectors, art lovers, all!   This is Ellen Perantoni, painter of the landscape in oil,  with a group of small paintings which I believe can be correctly described as vignettes.  I vignette can be literary or visual,  or even a story, as long as it has the quality of being a brief and tantalizing glimpse of something,  usually something beautiful or something worth enjoying and remembering.

    I recently found a small group of these frames which create the impression of looking at the enclosed painting through a window, which draw you into the scene and lets you repose contentedly there.   These frame styles are  not being made any more, as far as I know,  so I was delighted to get them and found them  happily inspiring.

    Each of the above works,  all of which are about 11x13" or  9x12" as framed,  is priced at $350. including free shipping within the USA.   Singly or as a group,  they work!

    For the convenience and comfort especially of online collectors,  I accept PayPal as well as checks and money orders drawn on USA-based banks.

   **CLICK ON THE PAYPAL LINKS BELOW EACH PAINTING, below, to purchase the painting from your PayPal account and have it shipped to you FREE.

       The links will take you directly to PayPal Checkout, where you will enter your PayPal account information.  You will get all PayPal buyer protection features.
If you are not delighted with the painting when it arrives you can return it to me for a refund within 30 days. 

   to the first painting, "Homage to Brilliance" in the rectangular frame,  painted on rigid artist board:

    the second painting,  "Fall Riverside Cameo" in the cathedral window style frame, painted on rigid artist board:

        This painting has been sold to a collector.. 

   to the third painting,  (this painting is about 9x12' as framed, on the wall)
"First Woods Nativity" the snow scene in the cathedral window style frame, (think Christmas!)  painted on wood, as many nineteenth century Hudson River School paintings were:

    the fourth painting,"Cameo of Hope"the sunset in the cathedral window frame, painted on wood:

      This painting has been sold to a collector.

   to the fifth painting, "Cameo of Grace"   a similar sunset in a cathedral window frame (this is the last frame I have in this wonderful style!  and no idea if I will ever find another one):
 to the sixth painting, "Second Woods Nativity", a night painting with moon and stars, and an overall actual glow in the sky, 

      I have many references from satisfied collectors who have purchased my art from the Net.
If you are not delighted you can return the painting for a refund within 30 days.

     Many people have commented that my art looks much better in actuality than it does on digital photos on the Net,  which do not do justice to  the depth and detail.   You can view more of my art on  

     Please e-mail me any comments or questions at, or call me at 928-554-4778.

     I would love to hear from you!
          Best, Ellen