Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Seasons Change

Hello all!  This is Ellen Perantoni again,  painter of the landscape in a manner inspired by the Hudson River School masters from Albert Bierstadt to Frederick Church.  The above oil is a magnum opus of mine, at 24x48" and it kept me happily busy for weeks.  In addition to landscape and skies in their serene moments,  I am fascinated by weather.   And I love to capture moments of transition, which can be tantalizingly brief in spite of their grand scale.  You can see more of my art on  and e-mail me at

This work "Seasons Change" is executed on a 24x48" stretched canvas 1-1/2" deep with the painting continued on the sides of the canvas.   This gives it an especially 3-dimensional look.  It can be framed, or not.

It is currently drying in my studio and is almost ready for varnishing and for a new home.  It is priced $8000. and will dramatically transform a room,  a focus for all eyes.   Viewing this work, you cna actually feel the cold breeze from the distant snowy peaks rushing down into the foreground,
where fall still holds sway.

But you know the days and hours of the golden foliage which is recently reflected in the water are numbered and are very short.

Please know if you are interested and would like to receive close-up photo images.  They will show the detail which I labored over minutely for weeks.   Digital dot matrix photos do not fully capture the depth of my work which is executed in a series of many glazes, but those images will suggest it.

I accept PayPal and personal money orders and checks drawn on USA based financial institutions.  Painting will be very carefully boxed and shipped when the payment instrument clears.

 I am so happy to have completed this work to my painstaking requirements.   And I will be happy to answer inquiries.  You can read more of these blog posts  , most of which are about a single art image, by clicking on "Older Posts" at this bottom of this web page.  These posts go back to 2007 and many of the paintings are sold, but there are interesting stories. 

Have a great week!   

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