Friday, December 14, 2012

Kaaterskill Clove, Late September

Happy holiday season art lovers and blog readers!  This is Ellen Perantoni again,  getting accustomed to changes in this blog posting procedure. Okay, I think I've got it!  I am a painter of the landscape in oil, in a manner inspired by the Hudson  River School of the nineteenth century and its immortal masters such as Thomas Cole, Frederick Church and Sanford Gifford. I lived a short distance away from such blissful vistas as the one shown in this painting for many years..  You can see more of my art in the rest of this blog and on  My e-mail address is

This painting is on 8x10" stretched canvas, and I am no selecting a frame for it.  You can see some of my frame styles in more posts on this blog (which I do hope you will want to read.)  This painting is priced at $500. framed in a quality carved gold wood frame.  It is on exhibit at the Alt Gallery, Hillside Plaza, Rt. 179, Sedona AZ.  The Alt gallery phone is 928-554-7840.  Watch this blog for the image of another painting I am working on, showing the Kaaterskill Clove (which is Dutch for a ravine or valley)  in winter.  The dramatic seasonal variations here make the region a particular exciting place to paint.  I will get back to this blog post later, am immersed in holiday prep as well as my usual painting activities.    Best, Ellen

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