Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Valley View from the Niche, and My Open Studio August 13-14, 2011:

Hello everyone --art lovers, blog readers, Hudson River School aficionados and all! This is Ellen Perantoni again with a 20x24" painting I just completed, using a recent smaller work as a study. This shows a view of a meandering river from one of the dramatic escarpments with which geological history has blessed this beautiful region.
The curved rocks and lacy foliage of early summer frame a view that invites contemplation as well as intuitions (I think) of a spiritual world beyond the visible.
This is what I strive for in my art-- some artists may use abstract forms to suggest the material, but I prefer to realistically portray the beauty of our world in a manner that hints at even greater beauty that is unseen but can only be felt with the heart.
My blog posts here go back to 2007, and I hope you will continue to browse them and partake of the creative and spiritual journey they have entailed.
You can see more of my art on and my e-mail address is
This painting is on 20x24" stretched canvas. I have found an extraordinary antique gold leaf frame for it. The frame is leafed in 22k or 24k gold (I'm not sure which) and I am delighted with the way it brings out the golden tones of the painting. The frame is 4-1/2" wide, bringing the framed painting to almost 29x33" on the wall.
I am getting ready for the town wide Saugerties Art Tour August 13-14, 10-6 both Saturday and Sunday. August is a fabulous time to visit the Hudson Valley. And if you come that weekend you can visit the studios of 41 artists and artisans who work in the riverfront township of Saugerties. My studio is in a forest in the foothills of the Catskill Mountains between Saugerties and Woodstock, and other studios in other parts of the township overlook the Hudson River.
Free maps to the studios are available, in color and easy to follow. You can drop in at my studio or any of the 41 without an appointment and browse for as short or long a time as you wish. I will be showing some of the paintings on this blog, as well as other paintings, studies and signed prints that have never been exhibited anywhere.
Please contact me for a free tour map or log onto for more info. If you can't make it to the tour weekend but would like to view my art by appointment another time, please let me know.
The tour studios are about 2 hours north of the NYC metro area and within a few hours of most points in New England, NJ and eastern PA.
If you buy my art from an Internet photo without seeing the original, you can return it within 30 days for a refund if you are not delighted. It is hard to remember anyone wanting to return a painting.
If you prefer to view art in galleries read more blog posts for info on the fine galleries that represent me.
Enjoy the week--summer is in full swing in the Hudson Valley and I am having great fun painting and basking in the sun. Best, Ellen

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