Monday, January 13, 2014

Windows in Time, First Breakthrough

Hello, art lovers and blog readers!   This is Ellen Perantoni, painter of the landscape in oil,  posting one of the first paintings I have been inspired to create by my new home among the red rocks of Sedona, Arizona.   I felt the need to pursue warmth and sunshine and, in do doing, have settled among one of the world's most spectacular landscapes.  The rosy red sandstone cliffs here are a glorious anomaly of nature, described by one enthusiast as "like living in the Grand Canyon."   You can see more of my art on and you can e-mail me at

Some of the caves and passages in these red rocks are decorated with petroglyphs by early Native American tribes,  and these intrigue and inspire me too.  A hint of same,  worn down by time, appear in this painting of a cave opening through which distant red rock formations can be seen.  An imaginary cave, I admit -- the beauty of this region is exciting in istelf, but this particualarr image exists only in my imagination -- and now on this canvas.

I executed this work on a 24x30" stretched canvas which I also painted on the sides so it resembles, as closely as I can manage, a chunk of red rock.  It is drying in my studio at present, and is priced at $4000.  I would consider a payment plan/fair offer from a sincere collector. 

Interested collectors are always welcome in my studio,by appointment.  To visit the studio these days you will need to come to Sedona -- not exactly difficult, especially at this season, when the January sun is mild and pleasant on most days.   The vegetation is more abundant than is usually associated with popular images of "desert" or even the "high desert", which is what Sedona is, at about 4300 ft. above sea level.   Most of the vegetation retains its deep green year round.

It is beautiful, and I anticipate a surge of joyous creativity here. 

 If you wish to purchase any of my art works through the mail, you an return it for refund within 30 days if youa re less than delighted.  Most people feel my art looks better in actuality than in digital images on the Net -- there is a lot of depth and detail you cannot appreciate in such photos.

I am working on more "Windows in Time" paintings, as well as paintings of views from my home and other places I love here.  

Have a great week, and I hope you enjoy this blog. I would love to hear from you. 
best, Ellen

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