Saturday, November 6, 2010

Autumn,Alcove Reservoir (and more about Plein Air Painting:)

Hello friends and art lovers! This is Ellen Perantoni, painter of the landscape in oil, with a recent work celebrating the sunset over the peaceful Alcove Reservoir. The reservoir is in southwest Albany County New York, between Albany and the western Catskill Mountains. Artistically , this is Hudson River School country, and I live and paint about 45 miles from this reservoir.
About the only thing I enjoy more than driving through this region on a crisp fall day is stopping to paint or photograph some wonderful spot.
Here the state road bisects the reservoir and affords drivers this lovely view.
In order to capture this sunset, I needed more time than the sunset afforded. As you see when watching the sunset (if you remain conscious of time)a sunset sky like this lasts only minutes, maybe 15 minutes at most, until the cloud formations change and the sky darkens. The colors of the land darken too until all you see is a uniformly dark land mass in the foreground.
As I devote a great deal of time and care to the details of my paintings to come up with the most beautiful images possible, it's usually necessary for me to finish a sunset painting in my studio.
My aim at this point is to enhance the raw beauty until it becomes a polished gem.
This work, "Autumn, Alcove Reservoir" is on 11x14" stretched canvas. I plan to frame it in a museum quality traditional gold frame in a style favored by the Hudson River School painters of the 1900s. Framed, it will be priced in the $875. range. I would consider a payment plan/fair offer from a sincere collector.
This work might be consigned to one of the fine art galleries that represent me and exhibit my work, such as The Driftwood Gallery, Peekskill, NY; Berkshire Art Gallery, Great Barrington, Mass; and Green (Gallery) Saugerties, NY.
I also show my art at my studio by appointment and at an annual studio tour in mid-August. We have a long way to go until next August, but if you would like to view my paintings at the studio, please contact me at
You can see more of my art at
My studio is about 2 hours north of the NYC metro area and within few hours of most points in New England, NJ, and eastern PA.
If you purchase a painting from a digital Internet photo without seeing the original, you can return it for a refund within 30 days if you're not delighted. Most people feel my art looks better in actuality because it has great depth, which takes considerable time to create.
I was happy to capture this brief moment of beauty at the Alcove Reservoir, and now the painting is done and the leaves have fallen from the trees.
Now I am thinking of the pristine beauty of snow scenes.
Have a wonderful weekend, everyone! As always, I'd love to hear from you.

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