Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Panorama Along the Upper Hudson, and Commissioned Art:

Hello, art lovers and blog readers!  This is Ellen Perantoni, with another oil painting of a sunset view of the glorious Hudson River.  This is a view from the eastern shore, looking southwestward toward the distant Catskill Mountains on a calm evening.  I live and paint in this wonderful region and am able to to enjoy and paint such views with minimal travel.  I've been posting art images, art chat and purchase info on this blog since 2007.  You can see a quick overview of my art on www.artwanted.com/EllenPerantoni and my e-mail address is eperantoni@yahoo.com

This painting is drying in my studio after a great many hours of work, contemplation and refinements of the lighting and the many details (the latter do not show up very well in a digital photo).  It is on a 20x30" stretched canvas and is priced $2600.  I can frame it in a variety of appropriate frame styles or a style of your choice;  you can see some of the styles I use in other posts on this blog.

    I also paint collectors' favorite views in the manner of the Hudson River School as commissioned works.  I can paint a view at the client's favorite time of day and time of year.  I can start such a painting on site if possible, or paint from photographs.  If you have a favorite view you would like painted please contact me for more info. 

   If you would like to see this work or others before purchase I will be happy to show it by appointment;  as I said I believe it would be better appreciated in actuality.   My studio is about a 2 hour drive north from the NYC metro area and within a few hours of most points in NY, NE, NJ and eastern PA

If you purchase a work from an Internet photo you can return it for a refund within 30 days if you are not delighted.  

  If you prefer to view art in galleries I also have work on display in fine art galleries which are listed elsewhere on this blog, or please contact me for the exhibit nearest you. 

    To view more of this blog going back to 2007 click on "Older Posts" at the bottom of this page.  Have fun. I would love to hear from you.
  Best, Ellen

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