Thursday, July 30, 2015

PAY WITH PAYPAL for my New Painting "Catskill Creek"

Hello, art lovers, friends, collectors, long-time readers of my art blog!   This is Ellen Perantoni, painter of the landscape in oil in a manner inspired by the Hudson River School.   Some of you have been reading my blog posts for years and some have purchased paintings from this blog.   You have been good about e-mailing me to make payment and shipping arrangements,.

I am now able to accept PAYPAL for the paintings on this blog,  with all PP's benefits to the purchaser, plus the benefits I extend, including FREE SHIPPING within the USA.

Each painting pictured in a single blog post will have a link at the end of the post to PAYPAL CHECKOUT.     Use of PP is FREE to the purchaser.   If you do not have a PP account and want to open one, log onto or you can e-mail me with questions at

Due to features of this Blogspot site you cannot view the  PayPal gold button.  When you highlight and click on the link that starts https:// at the very end of this post you will go to the beginning of the PayPal Checkout  sequence for "painting Catskill Creek". 

The painting pictured above is entitled "Catskill Creek" and is in the classic Hudson River School manner.  For many years I lived in the Hudson Valley, not far from the pictured bend in the creek.  This is where I grew to love and take my inspiration from the Hudson River School masters of the nineteenth century, such as Thomas Cole, Albert Bierstadt and Frederick Church.

This oil is on a 22" x28" stretched canvas, framed in a vintage wide gold frame which brings the painting to approximately 27" x 33" on the wall.   Like all my paintings, it comes to life and looks richer and more lively in actuality than in digital photos on the net.   My techniques of layered and glazed oil painting  create this effect.

If you are less than delighted when the painting arrives you can return it for a refund within 30 days.   
This painting is $2750. as framed,  including FREE shipping within the USA,  and you can pay by accessing PayPal Checkout.   To access PayPal Checkout, click the link at the very bottom of  this post.   Blogspot limitations do not allow you to view the PayPal button on this post, but when you click the link you will see you are entering PayPal Checkout.

I also accept checks and money orders drawn on USA-based banks.   Please contact me at or 928-554-4778 if you wish to arrange this.

Or, you can make an appointment to view this work in my studio in Sedona AZ before purchase, by appointment.

It is now 7/30/15 and I will be adding the PayPal link to all my blog posts which feature a single painting.  I must do this one painting at a time so it will take some time;  if you browse the site and do not see a PayPal link to the painting you want,   just e-mail me at and I will create a link to purchase the painting you want using PayPal.

 To use this PayPal link, click on it., then
                                    log on to your PayPal account with your e-mail address and your
PayPal password.

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