Friday, May 30, 2008

Cabin in the Red Mountains

Hello friends, art lovers and blog readers! I am Ellen Perantoni and I paint the landscape in oil in a manner influenced by the nineteenth century Hudson River School and also the Barbizon School. My blog is about art images, art chat and purchase info for those interested in viewing or purchasing my work. I sell at fine galleries in New York State, New England and California and contact info is given elsewhere in my blog posts. I live and work in the Hudson Valley of New York State and my e-mail address is
The painting at right, because it was inspired by the view from a mountain house we stayed at in Arizona, is a bit of a departure from my usual Hudson Valley views. Only, though, in the color of the red sandstone cliffs behind the cabin, which seems exotic to easterners like myself.
We took the cabin partly for the views, and I guess you can see why. The painting is on 12x16" stretched canvas, and in fact it is still drying. But I couldn't wait to post it here. I have a museum quality simple but elegant frame for it and if I don't sell it first it will eventually be consigned to one of my galleries where the price will be in the $900. range.
If you would like to purchase it directly from me or make a studio appointment to view, please contact me. My studio is a beautiful 2-hour drive north from the NYC metro area.
If you purchase a work from an internet photo without seeing the original, you can return it within 30 days for a refund if you are not delighted.
This post will be brief, as it's a beautiful day and I want to paint some more!
Have a lovely weekend.

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