Wednesday, March 7, 2007

A Bit of History About Me:

Hello. I'm Ellen Perantoni, and I am happy to have found my true vocation as a painter of the mystical and transcendent in nature. I live in the mid-Hudson Valley of New York State. My reverence for the natural world continues the tradition, I believe, of the Hudson River School of Art.
The Hudson River School was the first uniquely American school of art.
It was the first genre, anywhere, to glorify nature in its unaltered state. Previously most art collectors and aficionados felt a subject worthy of painting had to be a person, historical event, or man-made structure of some kind.
In Hudson River School art buildings, people, and even animals are generally shown as relatively small objects in a wider landscape.
Nature, in Hudson River School art, is generally conveyed as benevolent and self-renewing. Even storms are cleansing rather than destructive.
I live and paint in a forest on the lower slopes of Mount Overlook between Woodstock and Saugerties, NY, on the west side of the Hudson. I like to think the sheltering glen where Rip Van Winkle became so relaxed he slept for 20 years is not far away.
I often paint en plein air (outdoors, on site) for authenticity and vigor in my work, and not incidentally for the fresh air and sunshine.
Often the fleeting and spectacular light effects of sunsets cannot be captured in oil in a few minutes, but I do my best to capture these brief miracles and have many such sunsets happily emblazoned in memory.
I hope you enjoy my blog posts and comment. If you would like to purchase my work please contact me; for sincere collectors I will be happy to consider reasonable offers and/or payment plans. I accept PayPal, checks and money orders on USA financial institutions.
I also paint "View Portraits" ( a term I have copyrighted) on commission, and would be pleased to paint your favorite view or create the right piece for your favorite space.
Some of the fine galleries that exhibit my art are the Chisholm Gallery in Pine Plains, NY; the Millbrook Gallery in Millbrook, NY; The Driftwood Gallery in Peekskill, NY; the Berkshire Art Gallery in Great Barrington, Mass. and others.
I would love to hear from you blogophiles (is that a word?) out there.


Partydoll said...

welcome to the hookedup world Ellen. I live on top of a mountain here and love your work.
You should add your email address.

Ellen Perantoni, Landscape Painter said...

Hi, partydoll. My e-mail address is and it is given at the top of the blog, in the dark blue band across the top.
I appreciate your comment and will put my e-mail address in each future post.
I'll be adding paintings and other posts frequently.
What state is your mountain in?
All the best, Ellen