Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Western View

Hello. I am Ellen Perantoni, and I paint the landscape in oil in a manner inspired by the Hudson River School of art, and the later impressionists of Europe and America. This series of blogs has images of my art, info and chat about the art process and about me, and purchase info. My work can be purchased from this blog, from my studio and from several galleries that represent me and hang my art on their walls. My e-mail address is

The painting above, "Western View" was inspired by the work of Albert Bierstadt and encompasses a wide panorama on a smaller canvas, 8x10 inches. Please note: the digital photo does not do justice to the subtleties of color and fine blending that the original painting has. Digital photography is not adequate to show the beauty of oil paintings, especially small format paintings like this one. If you purchase any painting from me over the Internet without seeing the original, you can return it for a refund within 30 days.
I just completed this painting and it is not even varnished yet. If I consign it to one of my galleries it will be prices in the $395. range, but I would be pleased to sell it from my studio. I will consider a fair offer and/or payment plan for a sincere collector. I accept PayPal, and funds drawn on USA-based banks. I'm very experienced at shipping art.

More of my paintings are on

Some of those are sold but some are available. I hope you'll read more of my blog posts, containing more art images with prices and other info.

I can also paint your favorite landscape on commission, at your favorite time of day and time of year.

If you prefer to view actual paintings, please read further blog posts for address and phone information of galleries where you can see my art displayed. You can browse and inspect the art at leisure, and the proprietors of the galleries will be happy to assist with purchase.

Please enjoy these blogs and I hope you'll return often. Ellen

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